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Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

Our home school agreement is a statement explaining the school’s aims and values;the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils who are of compulsory school age;the responsibility of each pupil’s parents; and what the school expects of its pupils.  You can download a full copy of the agreement below here.

The School agrees to:

  • Respect and value each child as an individual within the school community
  • Provide a safe, secure, inclusive and happy environment
  • Listen to children, parents and carers
  • Inform parents as soon as possible about any concerns or problems that affect their child
  • Provide a balanced and challenging curriculum and regular feedback to parents on their child’s progress
  • Keep parents informed about the curriculum and school activities and ways they can help their child to learn
  • Ensure that children achieve success, behave well and learn to become good global citizens

The family agrees to:

  • Make sure that our child attends school every day, unless really unwell
  • Inform the school if our child is absent
  • Make sure our child arrives on time (before 9.00) and is collected on time (3.30)
  • Keep the school informed about
    • Changes in home address and telephone number
    • Medical needs and information
    • Family circumstances that may affect the child in school
    • Make sure that homework, including regular reading, is supported
    • Attend Open Evening and other meetings about our child’s learning and progress
    • Make sure our child is dressed in smart school uniform
    • Restrict family holidays to school holiday times

The child agrees to:

  • Come to school to work hard and learn
  • Look after my school and resources and equipment
  • Tell a teacher if I have any worries or problems
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Be fair and tell the truth
  • Help everyone to feel included

Together we agree to:

  • Build each child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Celebrate the achievement of every child
  • Take pride in our school
  • Listen to each other’s concerns and act upon them